About Us

A church built on four key pillars

Like a physical house structure, our foundation is built upon God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We are led by a team of five-fold ministers who work together to advance the Kingdom of God and care for His people.


Philippians 2 speaks of a love that prefers others actually better than yourself. We believe there is tremendous power released when the people of God begin to love the way God loves. This pillar includes both our experiencing God's great love for us, as well as our ability to love others like Jesus does.


Worship is the act of putting God in His rightful place in our lives as Lord. Prayer is our act of partnering with God to accomplish the things He has called us to. At Bethel, we believe it is prayer that fuels all of the great works God is doing among us. We gather every other Sunday night to partner with Him in prayer. It is our most important thing we do.


God has called us to be a place where you can learn the purpose God has for your life, receive training in that purpose, and then be released to fulfill that purpose. Whether you calling is to serve in ministry, in the workplace, or home, we want to see you enter into all that God has designed for you.


God loves to rescue His people. Whether you are a pre-christian or already a believer but struggling in bondage, God has a rescue plan for you! Our heart is to help you enter into a freedom through Jesus that will exceed your every expectation. We regularly are out in our community sharing these truths with those who do not yet know them.

Our Story

During the fall of 2012, both Grant and Rachel had a series of profound moments with the Lord that initiated the process of what is now Bethel OKC. They were serving as youth pastors at a great church in Norman, Oklahoma but God began to speak about a calling to transition out of youth ministry and into church planting in Oklahoma City.

Our Pastors

Grant & Rachel Wortman

Senior Pastors

Our Beliefs

WE BELIEVE IN GOD, who has eternally existed as the One Living and True God in three persons of one substance, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, equal in power and glory and authority. He is an infinite, unchangeable Spirit, perfect in holiness, wisdom, goodness, justice, power, and love.

Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

Grant Wortman is a licensed minister under the covering of Global Awakening. Bethel OKC is a member of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGA for short). Global Awakening is led by Dr. Randy Clark. Global Awakening exists to fulfill the biblical commissions of Jesus. The forming of The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening is intended to help fulfill these same commands of Jesus, and to help Randy be faithful to the call of God on his life. Randy is raising up a company of men and women who will help him respond to the call coming from many leaders in the nations. Some of these will help primarily by financial support, but others will help by ministering with Randy in the nations.

These men and women who have received a strong impartation of the Holy Spirit will now help Randy reach 50 nations a year, something he could never do by himself. They are helping him fulfill the commands of Jesus. We formed this network of churches and ministries in order to better facilitate the revelation to the Apostle Paul regarding the purpose of the five-fold ministries in Ephesians 4:11-13.