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The best endings are actually new beginnings...

The best endings are actually new beginnings. Read a special update from our Senior Pastors.

“There is a season for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1 AMP

Beloved friends, many of you have already heard our big news we shared this morning at church, but if you were unable to attend or tune in live we wanted to share this with you as well. Over the past several months Holy Spirit has been leading Grant and I on a personal, and unexpected journey to lay down what we know and make space for where God is taking us in this next season. 

In the process of praying, listening, seeking counsel, and feeling the intense leading of Holy Spirit taking us into a new season, Grant and I have announced our season as Senior Pastors of Bethel OKC is coming to an end. You can hear more of the story and background through the recording of today’s message if you were unable to attend service this morning. 

When God began to lead us to this place we were not sure what that would mean for our amazing community at Bethel OKC. A big question we have been asking ourselves for months was: “Is this ‘new’ thing something for the whole church or the Wortman family specifically.” 

You might be asking, “What is this new ministry thing they are making space for?” Grant and I have felt God asking us to launch a new resourcing ministry and house church collective we are calling “Goodness Culture.” Our aim with Goodness Culture is to help people encounter, embrace, and embody the goodness of God in every area of life. I am sure we will share more on it at a later date.

On a personal note, I know change is hard. I know so many of you have been through frustrating church transitions before and we are determined to make this as healthy as possible. But even with a “perfect” transition it is still change. One of my greatest fears as this process has evolved is how this would impact all of you. While I do not know what the future holds, I want to extend my trust in the Belts to you. They are not perfect people and I am glad about that.

It has been our joy and honor to serve you as your pastors these past several years. Having the opportunity to bear witness to how God is growing and impacting you, and playing even just a small role in that is deeply humbling and I will cherish it forever.

Love always,

Rachel and Grant Wortman

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